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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas decorating

So we decorated the tree finally. Nathan enjoyed putting the star on the top. It would not work though. I had to replce the bulbs and so now it works.
Nathan put his favorite ornament first, it is an Alabama football.

Kayla loves her pink candy cane ornament she got as her baby's first ornament.

The kids were so proud of their Christmas tree.

Gingerbread Boy

( He had more buttons he ripped them off before I could get the picture)
Run run as fast as you can you can't catch me I am the gingerbread man!

Nathan's school has book character day. Oneof his favorite stories is the Gingerbread Man story. He loved geting his face painted brown.


This Thanksgiving we spent it at Chaz and Sam's house along with a few college students. The food was great and the company was fun.
Kayla wanted to eat the spoon!

Kayal loves Sam. Kayla wanted to help her do everything.

Nathan enjoyed hanging with the guys.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

BBQ Pork Tenderloin

I am excited yesterday Nathan really liked something I had cooked for dinner. I do not know how to cook really well. I can bake but not cook. I, also like my children am a picky eater. So I was tickled to see Nathan about lick his plate clean. Macky ate it when he came home. He said it was the best meal I made him. YEAH!

The Greatest Pet Show Ever!

Nathan's class put on a mini show for the school and parents. It was very cute. Nathan was a bunny, His owner was bringing him in a pet show. Nathan had to hop, and flop his ears and wiggle his tail. His teacher said he was a natural. They are putting on the play for a nursing home in December.

Road games

One of our road trip games was to find the cheepest gas!

Bird Kingdom

Here are just a few of the birds we saw at bird kingdom. It was so cool most of these birds were just flying or walking right beside us. One of the lorikeets wanted to talk to me. They all made these beautiful sounds. There was one parrot in a cage named Baby. It was say "Hi Baby" and "Where have you been old man." We got a video the kids thought it was so cool to hear the bird talk.


Another part of Bird kingdom had these lizards, tortoises, spiders and snakes coming soon will be a picture of Macky and I with a huge snake. We did not see the sign till after we picked up the tortoise. The owner was cool.He really did not mind he just did not want kids to pick them up. Yes that is a real tarantula!

God's world is beautiful

We are Behind the falls!
Side view of the Horseshoe falls also called the Canadian falls.

These falls are called the American falls. Our room had a great view of both falls and New York. It was fun being in a different country but still eye sight of your own country.

Niagara Falls in Canada was beautiful! The sound of the water pounding the rocks was amazing. I had so much fun seeing God's power with my hubby. The entire trip was so much fun. I got Macky all to myself I did not have to share him with anyone.