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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Beach

Every year we go to Panama Florida to attend the Gulf Coast Getaway. It is always Martin Luther King's weekend so sometimes we do not get to take advantage of the beach, this year we got to enjoy some of God's work.
Nathan and Kayla enjoyed being buried in the sand as long as no sand went on his face. They made sure to tell us that information many times.

Nathan playing some cards with the college group. Don't worry we didn't let him bet his college fund lol.

Nathan really enjoyed his time with his daddy. Macky took him out to catch big seashells and jellyfish. Anyone for a jellyfish sandwich.:p

Kayla and Nathan on our 7th floor balcony watching their dad play and win football with the college guys

Kayla loved this High bar stools she wanted to eat all her meals in this seat.

The kids room had a T.V.. This was a big treat since I am the meanest mom ever and won't let them have one at home. Nathan was very happy with the control of the remote.

I have never did a moat before. Nathan filled his bucket at least 3 times and the water would just get sucked up by the sand. I guess I need to read the book Sandcastles for dummies.

God's creation!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The big 30

I am turning 30 in July. Last year people commented on the fact it is my last birthday that I am going to own up to the rest are anniversaries of my 29th birthday. I just laughed I was never one to be embarrassed of my age, I didn't think it was a big deal. I couldn't stop it so might as well embrace it right. I had a friend of mine just turn 30, we had a party it was a lot of fun. We picked on her age brought balloons that said your youth lies here. It was funny. She replied," your next." A couple of other friends were amazed when they found out I was turning 30 they replied;" wow you are old." So I am getting old; still not such a big deal.I have been thinking of what I would like to do this year. Like a before I turn 30 list but if I do after I am 30 oh well. It includes losing weight, to silly stuff like go roller skating with my friends and riding a horse. Well July is a long way off and maybe my feelings about me being old will change maybe not. Maybe I'll do some things on my list or it'll become stuff I do before I turn 31. Any ways I'll just continue with my day today.

Princess Marie

Meet the newest member of our family, Princess Marie Shedd. Yes we realized that her initials spell PMS. That is no reflection on her though. Nathan came up wit Marie, Kayla came up with Princess so we put it together. She usually just gets called Princess.
So here is the story, we have had dogs in the past but where we lived ,the timing and the type of dog was always wrong. Nathan has been begging us for a dog and we have always hesitated for a number of reasons. One, being were we lived our neighbors had really big dogs who wondered anywhere they want so we wanted a fence first so our puppy would not get eaten. Second, Nathan and Kayla are afraid of dogs. Third, it is out of Macky's comfort zone to have something that smells up your house and he can possibly step into something that the dog left behind. So you can understand our hesitation. I saw a new toy on t.v. it was a robot dog.I thought it was a good compromise. Christmas was coming up so Macky went to look how much it was. I think it was over 300 dollars. Macky thought it was lame and too expensive he also felt like he was a bad father if he got them a robot for a dog. He went online found a good breeder and picked her out and surprised us with a For real dog.

She is supper sweet. The kids are not scared of her. She doesn't jump which is a plus in Kayla's book. They fight over who gives her her food or her treats, and who brushes her. Kayla loves that she sits on the spider man couch like a human. She laughs every time.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cookie Jar

I made these cookie containers for my parents and in laws. I printed pictures on regular paper then got my cookie cutters and traced and cut them out. I used mod podge to adhere them and cover them. I almost did not give them away, but Macky said I can make one for myself.

Play date

Maybe I am just silly, but when I looked at these pictures I took when my nieces and nephews can over to play I thought of the crusades.The men or in this case boys fought with there mighty swords....
The Knights of the train table all for one and all for candy. Mighty Nathan, Gallant Christian, and Elijah the brave heart (due to his size and willingness to join in.).
While the women in this case girls had tea and cake or in this case water and fruit loops.

This is Princess Reanna visiting from the region of Virgina
Along with her sister, Princess Destiny who thought a crown was too much
P.S. We love you kids We had alot of fun. Sorry we were not there to see you leave.

Christmas presents everywhere!

On your mark.... get set go!!! Nathan made out pretty good with the electronics. He got to play them alot over the break. I don't think he realy realizes the rule that I set with no video games on school nights. Tonight will be easy he has Basketball practice so he won't even have time to anyway.

Kayla's wish list was I want just like mommy. She wanted an iron just like mommy, and cooking things like mommy, she even got a mop and a bucket that she loves. I have to admit I like playing with her dollhouse with her. Why can't we live vicariously through our children.