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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Beach

Every year we go to Panama Florida to attend the Gulf Coast Getaway. It is always Martin Luther King's weekend so sometimes we do not get to take advantage of the beach, this year we got to enjoy some of God's work.
Nathan and Kayla enjoyed being buried in the sand as long as no sand went on his face. They made sure to tell us that information many times.

Nathan playing some cards with the college group. Don't worry we didn't let him bet his college fund lol.

Nathan really enjoyed his time with his daddy. Macky took him out to catch big seashells and jellyfish. Anyone for a jellyfish sandwich.:p

Kayla and Nathan on our 7th floor balcony watching their dad play and win football with the college guys

Kayla loved this High bar stools she wanted to eat all her meals in this seat.

The kids room had a T.V.. This was a big treat since I am the meanest mom ever and won't let them have one at home. Nathan was very happy with the control of the remote.

I have never did a moat before. Nathan filled his bucket at least 3 times and the water would just get sucked up by the sand. I guess I need to read the book Sandcastles for dummies.

God's creation!

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The Woodalls said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks like a lot of fun!
Oh, and William asked for a T.V. in his room last week. When I said no, he chimed in, "But Emma's [kid in preschool class] mommy let her have one!" The peer pressure is starting already! :)