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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Valentine!

This I my amazing husband. Most of my other friendships are easy because all I expect from them to be my friend. With Macky I expect so much more. He is my friend, soul mate, lover, confidant, leader, provider, helpmate, father to our children, and so much more and he fulfills everyone with ease.

He is the best leader for our family.
He is talented and passionate about everything he does.

He is very good at balancing everything.
A little mischievous!
I think he is a true treasure.

He makes this life fun. He can always make me laugh. I love him very much. I am so proud of him.

Pretty days with my new camera!

My husband spoils me. Our camera fell apart a long time ago. I have been using the video camera/still camera. It takes good pics most of the time.Sometimes it comes out blurry or action shots come with five legs.For Valentines day Macky surprised me with a new to me camera. It has been pretty outside so we have been spending time outdoors and I tried some new angles with my new camera.
These two pictures I actually climbed up into Nathans club house to take these pics.

Kayla loves to swing on anything that is why we call her monkey.
Nathan is obsessed with basketball I am waiting to find him sleeping with the basketball.
Kayla likes to swing on her tummy so I laid on the ground and took some pics.
Okay so Macky picked him up but I don't think it will be long before he can do this himself.
Kayla swinging some more.

Tennessee Aquarium

We went to the aquarium and this is what we saw.

Yeah my mom is probably gonna kill me.

Nathan was supposed to go with his school on a field trip, but he got sick. He still had to go to complete an assignment. So I made my mom go with us. We go at least once a year, but there was alot of firsts. The hermit crab was ot of his shell and posing for the camera.
The sea otter was out and also posing for some pics. I never saw a star fish eat. That was pretty cool.
I have seen the sea nettle a lot I just think it is so pretty. I just had to put it in.

The penguins were new to me at the aquarium. I have seen them at Sea World just not in Tennessee.I think they are the cutest birds. I love to watch them walk. We had a lot of fun. Ohh by the way Nathan got an 100, Good job Nathan.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Little gym

Kayla is now a Jazzy Bug. She calls it her monkey or dance class. She has 15 min. of tap dance, 15 min.of Ballet,and 30 min. of gymnastics.

I don't know who has more fun Kayla or me watching Kayla.

Seven Years!

January 22nd Nathan turned seven years old. I could not ask for a better boy.

It does not feel like it has been seven years.

He has always had the greatest laugh.

He is so easy going, and love to play all the time.


It's time for some basketball. Nathan loves basketball. He has his favorite coach, his dad. He also has two of his close friends on his team. I love watching him. He looks so big though, I am so proud of him.

Fell Behind

O.k. so I have been a little busy so I have alot of catching up to do so these are kinda old.