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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tennessee Aquarium

We went to the aquarium and this is what we saw.

Yeah my mom is probably gonna kill me.

Nathan was supposed to go with his school on a field trip, but he got sick. He still had to go to complete an assignment. So I made my mom go with us. We go at least once a year, but there was alot of firsts. The hermit crab was ot of his shell and posing for the camera.
The sea otter was out and also posing for some pics. I never saw a star fish eat. That was pretty cool.
I have seen the sea nettle a lot I just think it is so pretty. I just had to put it in.

The penguins were new to me at the aquarium. I have seen them at Sea World just not in Tennessee.I think they are the cutest birds. I love to watch them walk. We had a lot of fun. Ohh by the way Nathan got an 100, Good job Nathan.

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Lisa said...

We went to the aquarium on Tuesday in Denver and enjoyed it, but they have nothing on the Tennessee Aquarium. We finished and thought, "This is all?" Go, South! :-) Looks like y'all had lots of fun.