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Friday, October 31, 2008

Macky's birthday is coming!

November is a busy month for me. I have to recover from Halloween. Then my Husbands birthday is the 2nd. My mom's birthday is the 4th. I want to throw her an Elvis surprise party and have my kids dress up like Elvis and sing along with a CD. They know most of the words. their favorite is Teddy Bear song. I will have pictures and maybe video later.Our anniversary is the 11th. 8 years, wow time flies when you are having fun. Macky has something up his sleeve. He says he has something special for us planned. I can not wait to find out. First I still need to get through Halloween.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I volunteered to sew and quilt ten quilts. These are for Southern Tradition. My son goes to Madison Academy and every year they have a carnival and a market place and a silent auction. These are for the little Madison Academy silent auction. I am still not done. But here are a few pictures of what I have already done. I'll go now so I can quilt some more.

lessons I have learned!

I have learned that multi-tasking is not always good. I tried to multi-task with my sewing and ended up with a needle through my finger.
I have learned that I can not walk on water. I tried at Wal-mart and ended on my bottom in front of a lot of people including cameras.
I have learned to take my time, don't always be in a rush. I was in a hurry ironing and did not put the iron completely on the board and it fell onto the back of my leg.
I have learned I can not be a gymnast. I tried to do a flip on a bar on a swing set, got completely upside down and fell straight on the back of my neck.
I truly amaze myself on how I can injure myself. Now mind you this is not all recent and not all my accidents I have been clumsy for years. This is all I want to embarrass myself with.

Carving Pumpkins

This year we did not go as a whole family to the pumkin patch. Nathan did however get to go on a field trip and Macky got to come along. We asked Nathan to pick out a pumpkin for Kayla. Now that it is closer to Halloween we carved our pumkins. We have a tradition were how old you are is how many teeth the pumpkin has. Nathan really enjoyed geting all the seeds and pumpkin goo out. Kayla wanted me to do it. They both enjoyed carving their pumpkins.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall Ball

Nathan finished his first season of fall ball. They ended a great season with second place. Nathan loves baseball and we loved cheering him on.


Along with a friend of mine. We host a Children's assembly every month. In September my husband put on a show with his taekwondo. I was so proud of him he made those kids day.

School days

Both of our children are in school Nathan is now in 1st and Kayla is in preschool at Happy Times.

Macky in Guyana

My husband loves the Lord. He is the college minister at the church that we are a part of. He helped led a team to Guyana to help with a VBS and preach to the church family. He loves helping God enhance the Kingdom. I am so blessed that he is my husband.


The kids were part of wedding party for a couple that we know. Macky was the preacher. I was the hairstylist. The wedding was beautiful. I was so proud of my family.

Kayla loves horses!

One of my dearest friends owns alot of land and has some beautiful horses. We visited and Kayla was so excited she asks all the time when we can go back!

First born has graduated

I can not believe he has graduated Kindergarden!