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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

lessons I have learned!

I have learned that multi-tasking is not always good. I tried to multi-task with my sewing and ended up with a needle through my finger.
I have learned that I can not walk on water. I tried at Wal-mart and ended on my bottom in front of a lot of people including cameras.
I have learned to take my time, don't always be in a rush. I was in a hurry ironing and did not put the iron completely on the board and it fell onto the back of my leg.
I have learned I can not be a gymnast. I tried to do a flip on a bar on a swing set, got completely upside down and fell straight on the back of my neck.
I truly amaze myself on how I can injure myself. Now mind you this is not all recent and not all my accidents I have been clumsy for years. This is all I want to embarrass myself with.

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