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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Princess Marie

Meet the newest member of our family, Princess Marie Shedd. Yes we realized that her initials spell PMS. That is no reflection on her though. Nathan came up wit Marie, Kayla came up with Princess so we put it together. She usually just gets called Princess.
So here is the story, we have had dogs in the past but where we lived ,the timing and the type of dog was always wrong. Nathan has been begging us for a dog and we have always hesitated for a number of reasons. One, being were we lived our neighbors had really big dogs who wondered anywhere they want so we wanted a fence first so our puppy would not get eaten. Second, Nathan and Kayla are afraid of dogs. Third, it is out of Macky's comfort zone to have something that smells up your house and he can possibly step into something that the dog left behind. So you can understand our hesitation. I saw a new toy on t.v. it was a robot dog.I thought it was a good compromise. Christmas was coming up so Macky went to look how much it was. I think it was over 300 dollars. Macky thought it was lame and too expensive he also felt like he was a bad father if he got them a robot for a dog. He went online found a good breeder and picked her out and surprised us with a For real dog.

She is supper sweet. The kids are not scared of her. She doesn't jump which is a plus in Kayla's book. They fight over who gives her her food or her treats, and who brushes her. Kayla loves that she sits on the spider man couch like a human. She laughs every time.

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