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Thursday, March 4, 2010


November 11, 2000 Macky and I were married. After the wedding we were hungry so before we started on our honeymoon we stopped at a Subway to grab a bite. Macky was so cute while we were ording our food he announced to the server that we just got married. Every year we make a traditional stop at a Subway on our anniversary. Our ninth anniversary Macky surprised me by taking me to the very one we stopped at nine years ago. Not only that but he fixed a reserved table just for us. It was very sweet. I was very content with my Subway date a few days later Macky annouced he had another surprise. A few days later we get in our car and make a trip to Branson, Missori. Stoping along the way to Graceland were we got to take the Elvis tour.In Branson we saw alot of shows including the Oak Ridge Boys. I love it when they sing Elvira. Macky is so great I am so blessed to have him as a husband.

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