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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Madison Academy every year has what is called Southern Tradition. Upstairs is a store and a silent auction. ( That is where all my quilts went to.) Downstairs is a carnival. The whole way up those stairs the kids were singing "Carnival here we come!" It was cute.They had all kinds of games: football, basketball, pick up ducks, golf, and many more. You can either win candy or tickets. Tickets were collected to get a prize.

They also had a huge slide in the shape of Titanic. It took four tickets. Most of Kayla's tickets went to this boat. They had fun and that is what counts.

Nathan got his hair spray painted red and blue. The kids had me get mine done also. Nathan wanted me to have purple and Kayla wanted pink. I had a mixture of feelings I was the only adult who had spray painted hair but I was proud because I made my kids happy. ( there are pictures but I have been humiliated enough so just use your imagination.)

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