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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Macky's birthday

Macky was so surprised to see all these people at his house. He thought we were just going to a restaurant. We had Brunswick stew and the kids made Macky a coconut cake.( well actually I messed up the kids cake I forgot to add the egg whites luckily Macky's mom was making the same cake so we pretended it was the one the kids made, I just could not break their hearts.) Having the party at the house was so much easier for all the college students who are on a budget. Amazingly most of them had never had Brunswick stew afterward they asked if they can take some home. The funniest thing was we only have two bathrooms, and one was always occupied but we could not figure out by who. Finally I knocked on the door thinking maybe the kids just locked the door with no one there. Only to find two young girls playing beauty parlor in the bathroom!

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